Upon arrival to one of our pop-up vaccine clinics,  you will be directed  to our "check-in" tent and proceed with the following steps:


  • Registration: You will be registered upon arrival. This will include providing basic information such as your name, contact details, and your pet's information.

  • Check-In: After registration is complete, you will be officially checked in by clinic staff. This will involve verifying your pet's records if they have been to one of our pop-up clinics before or creating new records for first-time visitors.


  • Selection of Services: Based on your pet's vaccination history and needs, you and one of our  clinic staff members will decide on the appropriate vaccinations and services.


  • Administration of Services: Once the vaccines are selected, a licensed veterinarian or trained veterinary technician will administer the vaccinations to and complete other services for your pet.


  • Payment: You will then proceed to the payment area where you will settle the cost of the vaccinations and any additional services or products you have selected, such as flea/tick preventives and/or heartworm prevention/intestinal deworming treatments. ***At this time, we accept the following forms of payment: CASH, CREDIT, DEBIT and APPLE PAY***.

  • Documentation: After payment, you will receive digital documentation of all services performed and products purchased.  This usually includes a vaccination certificate, an invoice and a list of possible post-vaccination side effects.


  • Exit and Follow-Up: You and your pets can then leave the premises safely. Reminders for upcoming vaccinations/services will be emailed. Throughout this process, our staff will aim to provide a friendly and efficient experience while prioritizing the health and well-being of your pets.

CityVAX - How we operate!

Visiting a Pop-up Clinic


All you need to drop by one of our vaccination clinics is yourself, your dog or cat (please assist your pet with a leash or carrier), and some form of payment. WE ACCEPT CASH, CREDIT and DEBIT. -*Note: At the time we are currently unable to accept checks or other payment services such as CareCredit or Scratchpay. We apologize for the inconvenience!

We will provide a digital and/or paper copy of your pet's record containing proof of vaccinations received and additional details such as a rabies vaccination certificate, heartworm test results, microchipping details, etc. depending on what services are selected.

What CityVAX DOES NOT offer.

We do not currently provide any surgical services, heartworm treatment or any other medical treatments.

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